MeclabsAI for Resellers, Affiliate Marketers, and Influencers

Have your VA build an AI version of you to sell to your audience in just 30 minutes

Your time is valuable. And your audience rightly wants it. With MeclabsAI, you can sell them the next best thing – an AI version of you.

So instead of just selling ebooks and online courses as the entry level for your product ladder, you can sell an interactive advisor where your audience can benefit from your expertise…before they are able to (or are ready) to buy time with you and/or your team.

And MeclabsAI has made it so easy to build an AI version of you, you can outsource it to your virtual assistant.

Plus, not only will your audience get AI you, they’ll also get all of the features of MeclabsAI in a co-branded package. With a foundation built upon the Meclabs Institute's 20+ years of empirical research across thousands of marketing experiments.

MeclabsAI is uniquely positioned as your audience’s go-to, AI-driven marketing advisor. Together, we offer an unbeatable value proposition.

What your audience gets:
You can see everything your audience gets on the MeclabsAI pricing page.

What you get:

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Get 40% on all re-occuring revenue for lifetime plus 10% on all referral partner sales

An easy way to monetize previous content you’ve already created by making an AI version of you
An opportunity to co-brand with one of the early pioneers of digital marketing, Meclabs Institute (parent organization of MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments)  
Get 40% on all re-occuring revenue for lifetime plus 10% on all referral partner sales
An easy-to-use dashboard that shows how many visitors and conversions you’ve gotten to your custom landing page